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Join @grubbercommunity for a special edition, mystical-themed market Saturday 29th Oct at @avaloncafebermondsey in London.
Your fave stall holders will have their usual specialist selection of nature-inspired creations plus some seasonal extras such as winter-blues busting potions, Gothy homewares, spooky baked goods, and pumpkin candles. You’ll also find some new stall holders who can provide you with some spells and read tarot.

@grubbercommunity will be selling their home-grown houseplants, foraged seeds, potions, candles, and more.
@karma_kantina with super special herbal teas and winter-blues busting potions. will have some gothy pieces for your home.
@wessexprojects fresh from their equinox walk will be there selling Pathwear.
@library_garden have natural dye-kits, gardening materials and more from their community garden.
@jasmineksdp & @wyldgarlic with spooky bakes and hopefully more moss cake.
@cara__bray a witch in training will have custom spells.
@muo_muo_pi will be reading tarot!
Plus more TBC…

The cafe will be serving drinks all day and we have a Nepalese food pop-provided by chef @shaurabthakali.
If you’d like a stall please DM Grubber or email We are looking for anyone who’d like to sell plant-related items, nature-inspired creations, and people with mystical practices. Whether you are an enthusiast or a small business owner, get in touch.
There will also be a plant exchange station so bring down any surplus plants that you could swap for a new addition!
𓇛 𓇛 𓇛 𓇛 𓇛 𓇛 𓇛 𓇛 𓇛 𓇛 𓇛 𓇛 𓇛 𓇛 𓇛 Poster by legend

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