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Here you will find an archive of our Grubber projects. 


We made LOVE POTIONS with everyone who attended @spiral_presents screening of The Garden by Derek Jarman. Potion not guaranteed to work but we think they did 💘💞💖💕💓 thanks for having Grubber there Spiral!


Facilitated by Well Projects

Hosted by Garden Gate Projects

This workshop is FREE and suitable for all ages.


Seed bombs are a speedy way to repopulate barren spaces with plant life. In this workshop participants will explore our relationships to vitality, abundance and harvesting, and create sculptural seed bombs inspired by these relationships.

“Sculptural Seed Bombs” is led by Grubber founder and sculptor Jessica Tremaine.


About Well Projects

Well Projects is an artist-led contemporary art gallery that delivers ecologically focused exhibitions and events. ‘Seeking Channels’ Well Projects 2022 public programm - interrogates the systems that shape our ways of knowing & searches for tools that help bring into focus a tangible connection to our environment and its histories. Seeking Channels is 5 visual art exhibitions, 3 publications & 16 events.


About Garden Gate

Established in 1999, under the motto Together We Grow, the Garden Gate Project is a community garden enabling people to improve their quality of life, social interaction and mental health in a supportive environment. The Garden aims to promote inclusion and reduce prejudice by bringing people together, while supporting adults with learning disabilities and/or mental health needs to engage in meaningful social, environmental and creative activity.

Arriving at the garden:

Bus: Take 'The Loop' and ask for 'Friends Corner'

Train: The nearest station is Margate


On Saturday 28th May @grubbercommunity hosting a market at @avaloncafebermondsey in London.
@grubbercommunity will be selling their home-grown houseplants and foraged seeds, along with vintage pots.
@karma_kantina with super special herbal teas.
@edible_meadow the expert forager will have plant’s and foraged preserves for you to take home.
@cosm_aquaria will have his handmade terrariums.
@healgoblin will have homemade breads, pickles and oils with a foraged twist.
Plus more…
The cafe will be serving drinks all day and we have a Nepalese food pop-provided by chef @shaurabthakali.
If you’d like a stall please DM Grubber or email We are looking for anyone who’d like to sell plants or nature-inspired creations, whether you are an enthusiast or a small business owner, get in touch.
There will also be a plant exchange station so bring down any surplus plant’s that you could swap for a new addition!
𓇛 𓇛 𓇛 𓇛 𓇛 𓇛 𓇛 𓇛 𓇛 𓇛 𓇛 𓇛 𓇛 𓇛 𓇛 Poster by

𓆰Isle of Olive Pop-Up𓆰

We will be at the Isle of Olive with our friends Karma Kantina and Raw Cultures for our first ever pop-up.


We’ll have a selection of nature-inspired gifts including herbal teas, plants, seeds, pots, pickles, and ferments. Isle of Olive will also have an amazing selection of wines and Christmas hampers for all your Christmasy needs.


We will have a giant pot of herbal hot toddy to hand out too.

Please come and join us! 



This very special Nature Trip was created by the Grubber team and...

🇹🇭Jen and her mum Yuphin aka Tuckata 

🇵🇭Mano and his friend Karen

🇻🇳Ivy and her mum cô Phi


First shown at ROOTS Exhibition in London 2021 - Curated by Baesianz x Grubber.

An extension of Grubber’s popular Nature Trips video series. Nature Trips brings together friends of Grubber from around the world to guide viewers on a journey through the landscapes and flora of their local surroundings via Instagram stories. However, the short film takes a much more intimate approach, allowing the audience to be voyeurs in conversations between various participants and their friends and family. Video calls are the chosen medium for participants speaking from locations around the world as they give the viewers a tour of their gardens. One participant, the London-based Jen Quan, calls her mother in Thailand to explore what she’s growing, making space for conversation and connections through nature that they may never have considered before.


𝑹𝑶𝑶𝑻𝑺 exhibition was a collaborative project by Baesianz and Grubber curating work by Asian artists and communities to explore nature, its healing qualities, and the decolonisation of horticulture. The week-long exhibition and events program featured works by 27 artists of Asian heritage alongside a live performance by Petit Oiseau, a yoga session exploring intuitive movement by Fuji Yoga, and a workshop exploring traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic healing by 慧琳 Sophie Walker and Savannah Sinhal. 

Artists:  Karen Bolilia, Nash Cruz, Puer Deorum, Nina Durban, Jatinder Singh Durhailay, Kaede Fujimoto, Mano Gonzales, King-Wey Hii-Ko, Dashti Jahfar, Melissa Kitty Jarram, Peng Jiahao, Sami Kimberley, April Lin 林森, Azura Lovisa, Akshay Mahajan, Charlotte Mei, Annie Mackinnon, Emily Murayama, Zehra Nazli, Jennifer Quan, Suren Seneviratne, Savannah Sinhal, Gaurab Thakali, Hannah Thomas Uose, Ivy Vo, Sophie Huilin Walker, and Mildred Cheng Hoi Yan.


On Sunday 5th September 2021 Grubber hosted a market at @avaloncafebermondsey in London.


@grubbercommunity sold their home-grown houseplants and foraged seeds, along with vintage pots.

@karma_kantina sold their super special herbal teas.

@bryoneeee the expert forager had plant’s and foraged preserves to take home.

Plus more…



We ran a beginners donation-based propagation workshop on the day.


There was also a plant exchange station`!

𓇛 𓇛 𓇛 𓇛 𓇛 𓇛 𓇛 𓇛 𓇛 𓇛 𓇛 𓇛 𓇛 𓇛 𓇛

Poster by Grubber designer

We plan to do another in the future, so get in touch if you'd like to apply for a stall.


We are extremely excited to announce that last week saw the inaugural @grubbercommunity ramble!

We felt that it was only right to organise the first walk in Grubber founder Jessica's, home county of Cornwall. Known for its breathtaking coastline, mythical moors, and of course, delicious pasties - it goes without saying that there is plenty of fun and adventure to be had in Cornwall.

We invited some of our old and new friends to a windy Bodmin Moor to join us on a circular walk up both Rough Tor and Brown Willy, which is the highest point in Cornwall. We encountered an amazing array of wildlife, the wild horses being a highlight. The walk allows for some spectacular views of the North Cornwall coast and the China Clay hills around St Austell. We felt truly lucky to be able to appreciate the vast landscape, something that felt even more special and rare after being confined to our homes for so long.

Our goal is to get people enjoying nature and horticulture as much as possible and for as little money as possible. We can’t wait to have more adventures like this and if this sounds like something you would like to get involved with or take part in then stay tuned. We will be announcing future Grubber Walks via our newsletter and Instagram so make sure you subscribe and follow @grubbercommunity

All photography by @dee.ay.en @brendan_sj 06.08.20

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