Orange Seeds
  • This packet is part of our foraged seeds collection. All the seeds have been collected either by us, or our family, and are from our favourite plants in the garden, or from a particularly delicious fruit that we just had to share. 


    We encourage you to start this culture of sharing with your friends and family, but in the meantime here are some seeds to get you started.

    Orange Seeds

    • Sow in Summer:

      Prepare a small pot with soil, ensuring it has drainage holes. Place seeds into soil, quantity depends on size of pot and cover gently with 1.5 cm of soil. Use an old, clear plastic bottle or clear bag to create a DIY incubator around the pot, to ensure moisture and heat are kept inside. Place inside the house or greenhouse in a warm sunny spot. When we grew our orange tree it took a month to sprout, as it wasn't in a warm enough spot. I'm sure if it was warmer it would have only taken a few weeks. Once sprouted, remove the DIY incubator and let it enjoy as much warmth and sunshine as possible. Once it gets big enough the tree can spend summers outside but will need to be brought back inside in Winter (in British climate).

    • You will receive around 12 seeds per packet.

      Packet size 11x17cm. Keep dry and use within a year of purchase.

      All packaging is second hand and stickers have been made with recycled paper.