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Tips on caring for your houseplants over winter.

Whether you have all year round house plants or some that just over winter inside, they both face the same challenges. The temperature changes, dry air from central heating and limited hours of daylight. But not to worry we have some great tips on how to keep your plants happy all winter.


In the summer months plants need a generous amount of water, but as they go into dormancy, they no longer need watering so often, as this can lead to root rot.

Just remember that plants have different needs, succulents and cacti may not need watering at all, so just be vigilant. If unsure water from below, popping the plant pot into a dish of water, that way there will be no chance of overwatering.


The best way to improve humidity is to cluster your plants together as the humidity level in heated homes can drop to 10-20 percent, but most plants prefer at least 50 percent. Plants release moisture through their leaves so grouping them together creates the perfect environment and of course the best places in the house for humidity are the bathroom and kitchen.


Plants are like people and enjoy daytime temperatures of 65-70 degrees Fahrenheit, so keep them away from both cold drafts and excessive heat such as radiators, fireplaces, ovens and also electronic devices. Both temperature extremes can kill houseplants. Also remove plants from windowsills when the curtains are closed as the plant will be trapped in a pocket of cold air overnight.


In winter there is considerably less sunlight and it also comes from a different angle, so relocating your plants could be a good way to increase this beneficial light. A good spot is a south or west facing window that has a good amount of sunlight all day. Rotating the pot is another good way to maximise light and ensures that growth is even.


As plants barely grow through the winter, they don’t need feeding. So hold off until spring when new growth is starting to appear, and the foliage starts to perk up.

Pests and disease

Your plants still need some care and attention so if you see browning, floppy or damaged leaves check your plant over, look carefully at the foliage and also check the roots, if there are any problems treat with a non-chemical pesticide if and also check surrounding plants as the problem could spread. Keep the foliage clean, use a damp cloth to gently take away any dust and debris.

House plants don’t need a lot of fuss, just give them the essentials to get them through the winter and they will be happy.

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