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How to propagate Inch plants & Pink Polka Dot plants

The process of propagating Inch plants & Pink Polka Dot plants are very similar, so we thought we'd make everyone's lives easier by putting them in the same helpful guide.

Step 1: To start the process, all you need to do is cut off roughly 10cm of the plant you are propagating from. Leave one leaf on it to make sure that all of the energy goes into creating roots instead of looking after leaves.

Step 2: Place your 10cm cutting in water and after about a week the Inch plant will show roots, however the Polka Dot will take at least two weeks.

Step 3: When the roots are at least 3cm long, your cutting is now ready to be potted in some soil. You have now successfully propagated your Jade/Pink Polka Dot plant and you can sit back and watch it grow!

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