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How to make a papier-mâché plant pot

Buying a large pot for your indoor plants can be expensive, so we decided it is time to take matters into our own hands and show you how to make your very own papier-mâché plant pot.

You will need:

  • A mold-vessel

  • Plastic bags

  • Tape

  • PVA glue

  • Water

  • Uncoated scrap paper

  • Mixing bowl

  • Paint and paintbrush.

Step 1: Cover your mold-vessel tightly with some found plastic bags, use a small amount of tape if necessary.

Step 2: Mix PVA and water, 50/50 in a mixing bowl. Soak strips of paper in the wet mix for a second and then begin layering them on top of one another, making sure to leave a drainage hole.

Step 3: Build up at least 8 layers of paper, but use your own judgement on whether you think it's strong enough to take a plant and soil.

Step 4: All these layers will take a good few days to dry in bright sunshine or next to a radiator. Once completely dry, gently remove the pot from the mold-vessel. Cut neatly to your desired height and begin painting. We used acrylic paint for our design.

Step 5: Once the paint has dried you're ready to pot your plant. We recommend lining it with an old compost bag before filling with soil, as this will prolong the life of the pot.

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