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Grubber is a social initiative dedicated to the ongoing exploration of how the natural world can enrich, educate and bring together communities. We encourage positivity through plants and believe all individuals should have the opportunity to experience a more organic existence through a culture of sharing and awareness. 


Grubber strives for abundance above all. Caring for plants offers numerous health benefits and helps to create uplifting environments – we want to ensure a future that prioritises complete accessibility to the valuable resources they provide. 


The Grubber shop has been created to help support our community projects which will feature a host of workshops, talks and trips geared towards nature exploration. Our aim is to provide affordable and free learning opportunities on topics ranging from environmentalism to plant care, to help aspiring plant-owners begin their botanical journey. The Grubber dream is to eventually see self-sufficient communities of people, spreading joy through the caring and cultivation of plants.


Grubber strives to be sustainable in every aspect of what we do. All our plants are proudly grown by hand at our family-run greenhouse locations in London and Cornwall, significantly reducing our overall fuel emissions. Our minimal packaging is entirely recycled or repurposed from collected, discarded materials. This mindful approach determines every aspect of our identity and process.

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